Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Little Christmas

Can I just say that it is amazingly simple to decorate for Christmas when you've already got a nice house house to begin with?  Maybe that should be criteria when you are house hunting - "will this place look good at Christmas time?"  Unfortunately there are too many establishments in this part of the world that fail miserably in that area, no matter how warm or efficient they might be on the inside.  My last dwelling was probably the worst offender - who pairs yellow/cream with brown trim? 
It almost makes you think of yellowed teeth with food stuck in the corners.  Although I was reluctant to live there, I made a brave go of it, and I think my efforts paid off in the end - at least on the inside, but the outside was irretrievably ugly and there was no getting around that.  Its amazing how a little turn of events, maybe a psychopathic neighbor lurking in the shadows, could change my luck for a real aesthetic treat!  And this is perfectly manageable for me, because I don't think I could handle decorating a mansion.
  This is a beach house, so please understand location is everything, but I think the new wood shingles are such a nice blonde color.  And the inside is cute too.
I'm ashamed to say it, but I geek out over Martha Stewart and all her impeccable decorations and perfectly put together dinners, but to be quite honest, I'm just too lazy to get that amitious over decorating.  Still, I think I did a good job in this corner!  Well, too leave you with some professional inspiration, this is my favorite ad of the season - pretty much encompasses the American Christmas look, kind of takes on sort of a retro feel too.
 I know this has nothing to do with beach houses - but look at that lovely red townhouse - such a cool photo.  Marketingwise, it caught my attention.

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